Get press for your startup.

Startuplister is a simple pitch distribution service
for side-projects and startups.

With a few clicks, we distribute your startup pitch and story to relevant blogs of your choosing.

We've helped customers get published on TechCrunch, Venturebeat, as well as smaller (but highly relevant) industry specific blogs.

How does it work?

Here are the simple steps:

  • Write a pitch (I can help)
  • Pick your blogs
  • I send your pitch

Once finished submitting, I'll send a report with recommended next steps.  I'll also be in touch with any followup we receive from the blogs we pitched.

But, can't I do this myself?

Absolutely.  But will you?

I built Startuplister to scratch my own itch when trying to get press for my startups.  I sure as heck didn't want to spend a day filling out contact forms and sending emails.

Oh, and I help you write the best pitch possible.

Is it effective way to get press for my startup?

Yes!  Or, it depends.  Sorry -- I'm not trying to provide a cop-out answer.  It just really depends on your startup, timing, and how well you can craft a story/pitch angle.

I've had startups land TechCrunch and Venturebeat articles.  Others have flopped.  But I guess that's the name of the game? I will work with you to make sure you're putting together the best pitch possible based on the thousands I have seen.

I'm a cash-strapped founder.  How much does this cost?

I charge an honest, transparent fee for each form we submit.  On average, each form submission costs around $1. That fee is for labor, admin, and overhead to maintain my business. You can expect to anywhere between $5-$79, depending on how many blogs you choose.

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