If you’re launching a beta or have a working product and looking for customers, you’re probably in the thick of building out your acquisition model.  One place we looked to when starting was blog directories and review sites that focus specifically on web, mobile and product type startups.  Often times these sites can help build inbound links and also generate traffic and potential customers.

The only issue is that it’s a serious pain in the ass to submit a startup to 40+ directories.  That’s the main reason I Startuplister.  It took 4-5 hours submitting startup profile information on startup directories and review sites in order to start driving initial traction to our website. Over the months, I had a Google spreadsheet of about 300 places that seemed like potential good sources for traffic and customers. That list is now boiled down to 38 directories that have a solid combination of PageRank, Alexa, and Domain Authority rankings.

I have included the list below that I use when submitting startups for Startuplister.  If you have any suggestions on other niche directories that should be included, please feel free to contact me.

AddictiveTipshttp://www.addictivetips.com/Tech Blog
All Startupshttp://www.allstartups.org
All Startups Infohttp://www.allstartups.infoDirectory
All Top Startupshttp://alltopstartups.com/Tech Blog
Boing Boinghttp://boingboing.netDirectory
Feed My Startuphttp://feedmystartup.comDirectory
GeekWirehttp://www.geekwire.com/Tech Blog
Killer Startupshttps://www.killerstartups.comDirectory
Laughing Squidhttp://laughingsquid.comTech Blog
Launching Nexthttp://www.launchingnext.com/Directory
Mashablehttp://mashable.comTech Blog
Robin Good's T5http://tools.robingood.com/Directory
Silicon Anglehttp://siliconangle.comTech Blog
SnapMunkhttp://www.snapmunk.comTech Blog
StartUp Beathttp://startupbeat.com/Tech Blog
Startup Blinkhttp://startupblink.com/Directory
Startup Bufferhttp://startupbuffer.com/Directory
Startup Buttonhttps://www.startupbutton.com/Directory
Startup Dopehttp://startupdope.comTech Blog
Startup Inspirehttp://www.startupinspire.comDirectory
Startup Rankinghttp://www.startupranking.com/Directory
Startup Roulettehttps://startuproulette.com/Directory
Startup Trackerhttps://startuptracker.ioDirectory
Tech Dirthttps://www.techdirt.comTech Blog
Tech Newshttps://technewsinc.comTech Blog
Tech Plutohttps://www.techpluto.comTech Blog
Tech.cohttp://tech.coTech Blog
TechFasterhttp://www.techfaster.com/Tech Blog
TechGenYZhttp://www.techgenyz.comTech Blog
The American Geniushttp://theamericangenius.com/Tech Blog
The Startup Pitchhttp://thestartuppitch.com/Tech Blog
tNoozhttps://www.tnooz.com/Tech Blog
Web App Raterhttps://webapprater.comDirectory

Do you know of any other great directories?  Let me know!

Updated 12/5/2017 – New directories added, old ones removed that were outdated.