Have you ever wanted to create a chart but find that all the options are too advanced, confusing, and take too long? ChartBlocks is the solution to that very problem. With their online chart maker, creating online charts is simple and intuitive.

Creating Charts

Once you start creating a chart, ChartBlocks gives you an option to input your chart data manually within the app or quickly important data using one of your own spreadsheets documents, databases or even live data feeds.. When manually inputting data within the app, ChartBlocks uses a simple spreadsheet editor, which makes it super easy and simple to create data.


After inputting data, the next step in creating our chart is picking what type of chart it is that we are creating; there are numerous options available including the most common chart designs column, line, and pie charts along with some more unique designs.


ChartBlocks organizes each group of data in your chart columns and rows by automatically guessing where you want them. However, each data group can be changed manually with a few clicks and may also be tweaked with more advanced organization settings.


Designing Charts

My favorite step in the chart creation process and probably one of the most important is choosing the design and overall style of the chart. Depending on the type of chart you chose in the beginning, you can now choose the design of it by picking a template to base your design on. Chart designs are beautifully simple and simply beautiful, and can be chosen just by clicking on which one fits your chart best.



Likely the most innovative feature of ChartBlocks is the chart design wizard which looks and works much like a photo editor. Within the design wizard, clicking on the many elements of a chart allows for you to customize, edit, and design it even further along with the ability to edit the entire chart like the template, data, dimensions, font, columns, name, and much more.

Sharing Charts

We’ve created a chart, now it’s time to our chart data with the world! ChartBlocks has some great sharing tools allowing you to share with your favorite social networks, embed on your website, and publish your chart on the public gallery on ChartBlocks in which you can share the link.



Additionally, you can instantly download your chart as a PNG, PDF, PS, SVG, or an EPS file.


The pricing plans and features of ChartBlocks is extremely efficient and affordable. Upgraded pricing plan features include no-branding, more users to co-create with, raised chart view limits, and useful private charts that don’t get published in the ChartBlocks gallery.



Feature Highlights

  • Easy to use chart builder and editor for beginner and experts alike.
  • Over 10 types of charts.
  • Simple to use design wizard with advanced features.
  • Social sharing features.
  • Publish charts to the ChartBlocks gallery to get discussions, feedback, exposure, and more.
  • Embed charts on your website easily.
  • Download charts in PNG, PDF, PS, SVG, or EPS files.
  • Affordable and relevant pricing.
  • Pre-designed templates that are ready for advanced customization.
  • Quickly import data for your charts from spreadsheets documents, databases or even live data feeds.
  • Charts are responsive. Meaning they’ll work on smartphones, tablets, computers and the like.

Conclusion: The Easiest Online Chart Maker.

ChartBlock’s features and pricing do not compare to any form building solution available; ChartBlocks is no doubt the way to go if you are serious about creating top-notch quality charts with ease of use.

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