Fedora is making it easier and simpler for anybody to create an online school to teach courses to anybody on your own learning website at more affordable rates.


Teaching With Fedora

The online course dashboard is simple and easy to use, allowing teachers to focus on course content and creation. The course creation wizard includes video and image uploading, coupon codes for attracting and rewarding, and the ability to add frequently asked questions to each course.


Student Email Blasts

Notifying students with updates is easy with Fedora’s built-in email blast feature. You can easily email specific people all at once with filters like when they enrolled, which course they’re taking, coupons used, and so many more.


Conversion Tracking

When offering courses online it is important to know just how many of your website visitors are actually purchasing courses, which is why the conversion pixel tool allows you input a code from, for example, Google Analytics and see your conversion rates.

Subscriptions and Bundles

Don’t want to sell just one course alone? That’s alright, with Fedora you can easily create multiple courses and bundle them all up to sell for a simple one-time fee or a monthly/yearly subscription for a more predictable income.



Quickly add all kinds of useful features to your school by enabling in-app extensions by just a click of a button: Google Analytics, MailChimp, Segment.io, Mixpanel, and Disqus.

Website Creation

Each online school account comes with a fully designed and functional course website to sell and teach all your courses in one place. By default, Fedora school websites use a free subdomain, however, use of your own custom domain can be utilized with monthly Fedora plans.


Website Customization

General customization like custom colors, icons, logos, backgrounds, images, and footer content can all be edited without the knowledge of any code with straightforward forms and editors. However, there is an HTML and CSS editor for people who want more precise and unique customizations to their course website.


Feature Hightlights

  • Unlimited students, bandwidth, and courses.
  • Unlimited, multiple course author support.
  • Fully hosted course websites.
  • Student accounts.
  • Custom domains.
  • Easily charge a subscription fee or simply a one-time fee for each course or bundle.
  • Simple no-code website customization.
  • Affiliate program.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • Unlimited authors.
  • Extra functionality with extension support with Analytics, MailChimp, and more.
  • Optional HTML and CSS site customization.
  • Financial summaries.
  • Course categories and course filtering.


There is absolutely no financial risk with Fedora; with a starter school plan there is no fixed monthly fee. The starter plan only costs 10% + $1 for each sale.



Fedora makes for an awesome and cost efficient way to teach and sell online courses on your own website. It proves as the go-to alternative for online course marketplaces that take a high percentage of course profits.

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