Tired of dull online forms? Typeform is the perfect solution for you. Typeform is a beautiful free online form builder builder that is re-inventing the way we create, manage, and use forms without the need for coding knowledge.

Typeform - Free online form builder
Build Beautifully Brilliant Forms with Typeform.com

Getting Started

Typeform offers almost limitless potential of the forms you can create: contests, payments, tests, surveys, and more; all in one simply beautiful drag and drop interface.


A form is composed primarily of 4 pre-designated sections: a title, a general landing page, content, and a closing page to thank your participants. Unlike other online form builders, all your form content is on one page with each section fading away as you fill it out, making it fast, organized and easy to use.

Form Creation

The first section of a Typeform, the landing page, is an ideal way to brand your form and to also entice your form visitors to continue on by engaging and filling out your form. You can customize your landing page with some video, image, and text content along with adding a call to action button.


It is extremely easy to start build your Typeform and the ease of use doesn’t end at creating your form’s content. There are almost a limitless supply of input types to add to your form and when you see one you want to include, just drag it over to your form, and add your content.


Within each question, you can easily include optional descriptions as well as an image or even a video. All of the form options, for example, bold, italic text, and making questions mandatory are also included within the extremely organized and easy to use form builder.


Of course, you should always end your form with a smile. That’s why it’s easy to create a closer screen to thank your participants, in which you can easily add an image, video, text, a redirecting button, and even some sharing buttons to share with friends and family.


Finishing Touches

Apart from the customization you can add with creating your form’s content, you can also customize your entire form’s look and feel with custom background images, text colors, and field colors. Easily accessible are also pre-defined color palates in which you can choose along with customizing your form’s fonts from the Google Font’s catalog. Customizing fonts with so many options is a rare and extremely helpful feature in making your form look the way you want it to.


We’ve now created our form, and we need somewhere to put it so our visitors can fill it out. Typeform has some great distribution options:

  1. Share a public link hosted on Typeform’s platform.
  2. Launch the form in a pop-up with an embeddable button or link.
  3. Embed the form on your blog, website, or Facebook page in a sized widget or an entire page.



There are three pricing options with Typeform: free which includes all basic form input options, pay-as-you-go or a recurring monthly subscription. The pay as you go option enables you to unlock each form response with prepaid credit versus the monthly plan with unlimited responses.  Opting for the paid plans enables access to: payment enabled forms, calculators, respondent notifications, hidden fields, and the option to remove Typeform branding.


Feature Highlights

  • Easy to use and organized form builder and dashboard.
  • Customizable forms: Colors, fonts, text, backgrounds, images, videos, and much more.
  • Complete and focuses analytics for forms and collected data.
  • Individual form and form question settings.
  • Free, Pay as you go or monthly subscription plan options.
  • Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to navigate, fill, and edit forms.
  • Instant user notifications.
  • Stripe and payment integration.
  • Easy and beautiful company branding.
  • Welcome and Thank you landing pages.
  • Mobile form support.
  • Embed forms on your website, Facebook page, blog, or more.


Typeform is a brilliant and truly new way to build forms online. With an easy and organized “drag and drop” utilized dashboard and builder, along with an immersive form filling experience, Typeform ranks high amongst the leading free form builders available (JotForm, Wufoo, SurveyMonkey) other form builder available to date.

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If you would like to see an example of a Typeform using their free online form builder, check out these beautiful examples forms.

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