You no longer need to be in the same space to work together, or even country for that matter. Though there are some obstacles, remote work can have great advantages. ChatGrape makes remote teamwork even easier and is a great tool for startups with remote teams or local teams the like.



Teams can easily join different “workspaces” to chat and collaborate together in, which organizes workflows and teams in different departments, like development or marketing.


With ChatGrape, you have the option to private message individual team members or bring your discussions publicly with your entire team in workspaces. You can easily address a team member by beginning to type their name, in which ChatGrape autocompletes for you. Mention team members will then be notified on the desktop, mobile device, and e-mail keeping everyone in the loop even when away from chat.

Conversation summaries

It’s easy to leave, focus on work, and come back to catch up on your team’s discussions, tasks, questions, and decisions all in one place. ChatGrape has a convenient and easy search tool that can be filtered with tags, groups, people, and more. ChatGrape even analyzes your conversations and labels important info in real-time.



As the name suggests, ChatGrape is made for chatting. However, the chat is far from just plain old messaging; integrations like GitHub for development teams, Trello for complete organization, Google Calendar for deadlines, and Google Drive for reliable file management.


With the GitHub integration, you can easily pipe all your repository activities, reference issues, or even trigger workflows as you type in the chat. This neat feature is a major plus for boosting development collaboration and reaching those deadlines.


Open API

The ChatGrape Open API allows you to remotely send and receive messages via Webhooks and to integrate complex services and trigger workflows by yourself, without waiting for ChatGrape themselves to add an official integration.


Markdown and Snippets

ChatGrape enables you to style your discussions with flashy markdown, add images with URLs, add links, send inline code for review, and much more.


ChatGrape’s pricing is simple, which begins with a free plan with 500,000 messages, 3 service integrations which is all upgraded to unlimited with an affordable $10/month plan.

Small, young startups get the $10/month plan for only $1!


Feature Highlights

  • Organized chat rooms, workspaces, and teams.
  • Service integrations like GitHub, Trello, Google Drive, and More.
  • ChatGrape helps you to quickly find and address your teammates by instantly autocompleting their names.
  • Browse all of your team’s decisions, questions, tasks, etc. with just one click.
  • Stay in the loop at the office, at home and on the go – with mobile and desktop apps.
  • Attach relevant files, issues, and references instantly as you type.
  • Intelligent messaging allows for quick team member addressing.
  • Invite members with a link or send an invite by email.


ChatGrape is a well-rounded tool for remote teams with numerous app integrations to raise productivity, reach deadlines, make decisions, and grow your startup.

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