Traditional email is outdated and can be massively unproductive Let’s look at some startups that are making email better, productive, easier, and collaborative. Check out this week’s roundup of the best email productivity apps available.


Ever want to instantly know what happens after you click that send button? Yesware tracks your emails enabling you to see when an email has been opened, instant analytics, sales tracking, and easily connect your email to your SalesForce contacts. Yesware is a great email add-on for sales and marketing and can rapidly increase productivity within your teams.
A screenshot of Yesware app, email productivity app


Learn more about Yesware.


Managing business emails from different accounts with a team can be frustrating, full of hassle, and extremely hard to manage. HelpMonks offers a shared email solution for teams large or small with extra collaboration tools like reminders, notes, and email assigning.

A Screenshot of HelpMonk, email productivity app


Learn more about HelpMonk.


SellHack is a small, but quite useful tool that enables you to view public email addresses on social media accounts that would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to uncover. SellHack works as a browser extension currently available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

A screenshot of Sellhack's homepage, a email productivity app


Learn more about SellHack


Sending files socially with collaborative ease can be difficult, and while FileInvite isn’t solely for email, it is much better than email attachments alone. With FileInvite you can simply upload a file, send it to your online friends, view when and if they viewed, who viewed it, chat and ask questions on files, get file invite reminders, and much more. FileInvite creatively enhances traditional email attachments.

FileInvite Email Productivity App

Learn more about FileInvite.

Other Email Productivity Apps?

What other email productivity apps are you using that are essential for your workflow?  We’d love to hear about them.


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