Social media has a very high value when it comes to marketing and customer engagement. Here are five essential tips for using social media as an effective tool for your startup.

#1: Pick The Right Social Network

Using only a certain social network when your target customers are using a total different social media site, won’t get you anywhere, and may end up costing you in the long run. Facebook may have over a billion users, but that doesn’t mean it is the ideal site for your company. Linkedin is ideal for B2B companies along with Google+ and Twitter; while Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram may be more suitable for Business-to-Consumer companies. However, it is up to you to find the ideal social media site that meets your needs and market.

Read Buffer’s guide on choosing the right social network for your business.

#2: Start With A Goal In Mind

When first starting your social media adventure, start with a goal for social media for your startup. Ask yourself: What am I looking to accomplish on Twitter? Increase sales and brand reach? Provide customer support? Increase customer engagement? If you are unable to answer these questions, it may be wise to not yet jump into social media marketing just yet.

Check out Unbounce’s blog post on “How To Set Measurable Goals for Social Media.”

#3: Include Images in Your Posts

Including pictures in social media posts can increase engagement by quite a large margin. I’ve experimented with this many times in the past and found it averaged a 45% click through increase and over 100% increase in retweets in comparison to posts without images. However, too many images can burden followers and become overwhelming in social media feeds of your followers. Moderation is key, here.

#4: Repost Content

More often than not, previously posted content is relevant a few months down the line. By reposting content to social media, you will be reaching present potential customers and new followers with valid and hopefully satisfying content.

Read “Why You Should Share Your Content More Than Once” on Buffer’s blog.

#5: Engage and Support Customers

While still relatively small, supporting and engaging with your customers on social media will increase happiness and satisfaction, along with creating a personal feel and relationship with your customers. Benefits for you is that you are reaching your users on a site they use every day and vice versa.


In Conclusion: Experiment

Experimenting with social media is key, as not all strategies for other startups will work for you. Evaluating and experimenting with your plans and progress along the way, will help keep you on track. Startups are indeed a lot about problem-solving and thinking outside the box, and so should social media be for your startup.

Do you have any social media tips or strategies? Share them with us in the comments! 

What are some effective tools for social media? Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post on awesome social media apps and tools.

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