Getting the right media resources to the press is important for the growth of your startup. Press kits do this by letting members of the press gain everything they need to get you published and talked about, getting you free advertising and opportunity for growth.

Why do you need a press kit for your startup?

  • It gives bloggers and press a complete bundle of all the information they need, and all the information you want them to have and know.
  • Gives the bloggers quality media like photos and product images you completely approve of, and if used, will further to enhance the publicity for the public and for you.
  • Having a press kit available on your website allows any visitor to gain access to it instead of having to contact your startup.
  • It acts as an aid for your marketing efforts and ideally works day after day without further work from you or your marketing team.

What to mention in your press kit:

  •  When the company was founded.
  • Names and locations of the founders and headquarters.
  • The number of employees your startup currently has.
  • Funding information and statistics.
  • Include any investors, key contributors and clients.
  • Social media links for the company, founders, contributors, and key employees.
  • If relevant, include revenue information and growth statistics.
  • Products with any relevant information along with them.
  • Industry content that pertains to your startup.

Elements of a press kit

Company information 

Include some paragraphs telling about your startup in a summary, what it does, who the product is for, when it was founded, and any other information that you may want journalists to know and include in any articles they produce.

Publicity and articles 

You should include any worthy articles and write-ups your startup has received in the past from other media outlets. It is beneficial to include past articles to show that you may already have some exposure and interest from other publications and consumers along with some more possible in-depth explanation and stories about your startup that other journalists can link or quote in their own article.

Also including some popular and noteworthy posts that your own startup has published on it’s own blog, or even by guest posting.

Press releases 

Including press releases in your press kit is important; press releases for any products or major events that your startup has launched or hosted. Great press releases tell stories, draw in the reader, publish on news, and can be the best way to announce and launch a startup, product, or other event to the public or even a private audience.

Press releases can also yield great SEO results and including them in your press kit will give journalists everything they need to showcase the activities and products your startup has held.

Read this guide on how to write a killer press release for your startup by Conrad Egusa on Startup Marketing blog by Sean Ellis.

Images and media 

Images including that of your mascots, logos, and other graphics that is important for your brand image need to be in your press kit including your brand colors and product or promo photos.

Founder Bios and Articles 

Consumers like having some kind of a personal connection to startups, and that all starts with getting to know the founder or founders of a startup. If that means including some bios in your press kit or some articles written up on them, add it to your press kit. Don’t forget to include some clear and professional photos of your founders.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Answering some frequently asked questions for the both general public’s consumers and journalist press should be rounded and written neatly in your press kit.

Contact Information

You’d be surprised by how many companies leave out clear and simple contact information in their press releases. Neatly and clearly lay out your contact information; emails, phone numbers, names, and different departments or teams, if necessary.   If your product is in beta, paid, or otherwise not available to the general public be sure to include a way for journalists to get easy access to your product without having to hunt you down.

Easy access for the press 

If your product is in beta, paid, or otherwise not available to the general public be sure to include a way for journalists to get easy access to your product without having to hunt you down.

Of course, these are all just the base for contents in a press release. You should be sure to include all relevant information you want the press to have easy access to like events, miscellaneous media, awards that your startup has won, and content like your mission statement and your company’s values.###

Find ways to be unique 

Journalists get pitched startup and products countless times each day, and read numerous press releases and press kits. Take the time to find a way to stand out in that very large crowd. Personalise any pitches and press kits you may send to journalists, take the time to learn something about them and tailor the press kit for them.



The key in crafting the most informative, relevant press kit is to learn what journalists need from companies and to make it an easy and more enjoyable process for them. Instead of your number one goal for creating a press kit is getting your startup talked about, work on crafting quality relationships with journalists and bloggers.

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