Customer service is a major part of a startup’s ecosystem. Quality customer service should be a top priority within your team, and can define customer’s happiness and the growth of your startup. Let’s look at some lessons we’ve compiled to inspire and improve your startup’s customer service and ultimately growth.

#1: Know The Product

Learn the products you are supporting inside and out as best you can. You are the first and many times the only line of assistance for your customers and you define the customer’s experience and overall happiness of your product. You cannot take knowledge of the product lighty. If you don’t know the product, how will you help customers that don’t know how to do something? 

Along with knowing the product, it is equally important to learn the ins and outs of your set of customer support tools, from your email programs, plugins, analytics, chat, to your ticketing system.

#2: Prioritize

Customer service can be very time consuming and stressful work. Which is the reason why you need to have some top-notch skills in prioritizing your workload. There is no doubt in your customer service work you will say “How will I get all of this done within a reasonable time?” 

At this moment, it’s up to you to prioritize, what are the most urgent tasks to finish, after you prioritize, take one task at a time and focus your attention on those and just those that are in need of your urgent attention. This will make or break your productivity and prevent you from stress overload.

#3: Be Resourceful

This is a must in customer service. No one will ever be completely knowledgeable enough of their product or customer system to answer every question, which is where being resourceful comes in. When you run into a problem you’re not sure how to solve, quickly go throug the steps from the customer perspective.

If you’re not able to solve the problem through those steps, take advantage of the members of your team around you. Most specifically, take advantage of the available developers on your team that can teach you how to solve customer’s problems and bugs in your product.

#4: Use Team Guidelines

Following a set of guidelines to keep in mind while working customer service at startups can be extremely beneficial. Here at Startuplister, we use a specific set of guidelines to motivate, encourage, streamline, and improve our customer service team and in turn keep happy, satisfied customers. Go ahead and take some inspiration from our guidelines or just steal them for your own startup team:

1. Always Be Kind and Caring for Customers

2. Don’t Avoid Asking Questions to Customers or Team Members

3. Never Stop Learning the Product 

4. Respect Others.

5. Respect Yourself.

In Conclusion: Never Stop Improving and Use The Right Tools

Keeping your product education strong and to never stop improving yourself is key in quality customer service. In addition to knowledge and education, it’s vital that you are taking advantage of the right tools that work effectively for you, your team, and customers,

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