I have a love-hate relationship with the term “growth hacking.” It feels like just another hype marketing tactic, but really, it’s the ultimate goal. Create buzz without breaking too much of a sweat.

So what is growth hacking?

Growth hacking is about seizing opportunities to boost growth and using metrics as the most important indicator of performance. And it really comes down to two elements: marketing and public relations.

Marketing is all about multiplying—doubling your page views, tripling your email list, quadrupling your conversions—whereas public relations is all about building credibility while boosting your reach.

Combine the two, and you’ll be the ultimate growth hacker in no time. Here are 5 strategies to start using growth hacking to crush your PR strategy.

1. Let your offer bake.

Before you can sell a product or service, you have to develop one, and develop one thoroughly. Don’t try to promote a half-baked offer—you can multiply zero by any number and it’s still zero. Make sure you have something to grow from.

2. See it from their perspective.

You know your product, but do you know how—and why—your clients are using it? What features do they love? Why do they keep coming back? Play the word association game to come up with terms that describe your product, especially emotions and reactions it stirs up. These words and phrases form your brand’s personality, a key piece of your marketing strategy.

3. Perfect your pitch.

I know. The term “elevator pitch” makes me cringe, too. But if you can’t concisely explain who you are and how you benefit your clients, how are they supposed to know?

Use your now-established brand personality to decide which elements of your product to emphasize to potential clients, then organize them into a creative, enticing pitch. The best pitches are snappy and clearly show off what you’re offering, no elevator required.

Not sure how to master your pitch? This article will help you do it.

4. Build your first impression.

Now that you’ve established who you are and how to explain that to customers, use your pitch as a guideline for building landing pages that will maximize clickthroughs and conversion rates. Optimize your page to focus on your offer and compel visitors to take action. A/B testing can ensure your copywriting and design choices create the strongest possible first impression for your ideal user.

If you need more ideas on how to see your offer the way your customers are seeing it, you’ll find lots of tips here.

5. Get social.

Social media is one of the best ways to simultaneously build publicity and credibility. Keep your pitch consistent across all networks, but don’t just use it to spread your image broadly. To truly become a growth hacker, you need depth.

But how do you connect deeply on social media? Aren’t all those relationships superficial?

The key to friendship is selflessness. Bury your growth hacker side and engage authentically with people who share a common interest with your brand. Make the relationship about them. Reply to their tweets, comment on their blog posts, and eventually send a brief email to introduce yourself and how you can help them. Don’t make the common mistakes other marketers do.

Cold pitching is called cold for a reason.

It’s missing the warm, fuzzy feeling that a friendship does. Asking for support without connecting with someone is the easiest way to get ignored or rejected. Connecting before you ask, though, builds the trust and credibility that makes your network spread your message to their networks and beyond, like a vector. Soon enough, you’ve multiplied beyond your goals.

That’s the power of growth hacking.

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