Social Media: What You’re Doing Wrong

For startups and their growth, a well executed social media marketing strategy can be a key to success. Like many strategies, there is, in fact, a right and wrong way of utilizing social media to grow your startup’s brand.

Constantly Avoiding Conversations

Many brands make the mistake of avoiding interactions with customers — many times the negative feedback. Negative feedback is inevitable and even important. There are three options you have when it comes to negative feedback: ignore it, fight it, or make it a positive.

Ignoring or outright deleting negative feedback will never, ever help you and will come back to haunt you — the same goes for fighting the negative. The solution here is to work towards making a negative a positive in a consistent manner through all interactions with customers and critics. Further keep in mind that you’re in business to help your customers (hopefully), not to ignore them.

Not Keeping Consistency

While unique content is important, startups need to ensure that their social voice is equal and consistent to their brand and general content. Stay consistent with the type of content and usefulness of content you are sharing along with how often you share.

Keep your brand media consistent, like your profile picture, logos, and your cover photo.

Utilizing an Overabundance of Sites

This is often seen with many beginners in social media marketing. They end up spreading themselves all over the place, in countless social media sites and attempt to keep all of their social profiles relevant.

Always resort to only the minimal amount of social media profiles that will actually be useful to your brand, that you and your team can handle to keep relevant and growing.

Paying Your Way Through

Buying your way through social media marketing is a huge mistake. What you are doing is buying followers and likes that will leave you with an un-engaged and useless audience that really may not at all care about your brand, product, or even industry. Also having a high amount of followers with zero engagement on your social media content will radiate the idea that your brand is stagnant and uninteresting.

However, this does not apply to promoting your content, like tweets and content, to a specific and targeted audience relevant to your industry.

Abandoning Your Profiles

Quite possibly the biggest mistake of all — completely abandoning your social media profile. Making it look like to your audience:

1( You are no longer in business. 

2( Your startup is lazy enough to forget about social media altogether.

3( Your startup is not relevant or capable of succeeding in today’s world. 

Avoid abandoning your social media profiles at all cost, keep relevant content flowing, social media tools like Buffer, ManageFlitter,HootSuite, and other social media tools are extremely helpful in staying relevant and active in your social media.

In summary, you should constantly be vigilant in being relevant and consistent with your social media marketing efforts. Keeping a list of guidelines and strategy will help keep your social media efforts in line with your brand image.

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