How does it work?

Complete your order and we'll review your startup website details. If approved, we'll send a quick intake form that you'll complete. We'll use the information on the intake form to submit to each of the blogs that you have selected. Once we have finished submitting, we'll send you a report</p>

Is my startup a good fit?

The best fit are startups that meet most of the criteria

  • A tool and not a manual service or marketplace
  • English language version available
  • A web/mobile app, SaaS, physical product, crowdsourced campaign.
  • SMB’s
How long does it take?

On average, we complete all submissions within 1-4 business days. Once we’ve finished submitting your campaign, it will take some time for each of the sites to review and moderate submissions. Some directories review/approve right away, while others can take a few weeks.

What if some sites require an account?

Yes, some require accounts. For the ones that do, we provide you with the account details once all submissions have been completed.

Do you gaurantee my startup will be listed?

While most submissions have a high likelihood of being accepted and listed, we are unable to guarantee the success of your startup on each directory.

What kind of success can I expect?

While we submit to all directories in our list, chances are not all will accept your Startup. Typically we see anywhere to 30%-60% approval rating over the course of the review/moderation cycle. The review/moderation cycle is between 1 week to 2-3 months (some directories take longer to get listed).

What kind of information do you need from me to submit my startup?

Once you’ve signed and paid for a campaign, you’ll be asked to create a startup profile. A good example of a startup profile can be found here. You can provide as much or as little information as you’d like, but generally the startups with more detailed profiles get better results.

Aren't directory

Aren't directories bad for SEO?

This is something we are VERY aware of and work hard to select the directories that we submit to for qualities that Google see’s favorably. Name, these qualities are:

Listing your startup on a scrapbooking directory would be unwise. Listing your startup on a startup directory is highly relevant.


Are they indexed by Google? Are they reviewed/moderated (e.g. editorial component). These make “good” directories in Google’s eyes


Don’t automate it. It’s better to spread it out over time. That’s one of the reasons we have a buffer in our submission process with Startuplister.


Obviously you can’t focus entirely on directories as a link-building strategies. It’s critical to focus on other SEO strategies as well as building links.

There are some great resources out there on the Penguin update & best practices. Here is one;

Still have questions?

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