25 Daily is an iOS App that brings you the top 25 interesting, trending topics on the internet along with relevant news articles, stories, posts and more from the biggest media outlets in the world. 25 Daily has selection of news pieces, videos, and other content form the world biggest news sources including BBC, FOX, CCN, Washington Post and many more. On this app you can explore the top 25 trending topics from all around the internet with a swipe of a finger. Viral posts, GIFs, memes, videos and more will be available right on your screen within seconds.

Other than its relevant and trending news selection, 25 Daily will also on a daily basis present its users fun facts and interesting stories about fascinating historical events, anniversaries and births and deaths of famous and historical figures that happened on the current day. This is a fun way for users to learn something new and kill some boredom, while they are also staying informed about all current viral and trending happenings from all around the web. Sharing your favorite posts on other social media platforms or saving posts for later viewing is also available.


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