Your Top 5 Places To Eat, Drink & Play

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Company Overview

For consumers, Cinco is a new way to find the best places to Eat, Drink & Play through Dynamic Social Recommendations powered by people you know and trust. Connect with your friends, create and share your Top 5 favorite places in various categories.

The traditional ratings and review process is broken. From lack of context and paid reviews to bias and/or illegitimate accounting of the experience our ability to make decisions based off ratings is flawed. Cinco is built on the premise that we can only rely / trust recommendations from people we actually know.

With Cinco you can:
• Search for restaurants, bars, and clubs nearby
• Create your own Top 5 Lists in over 20 categories to share with your friends
• Discover new places from people you know and trust
• Become a Tastemaker to help others discover top places to Eat, Drink & Play
• Save places to your "Must Try" list as a reminder

For businesses, Cinco is an analytics and marketing platform that delivers actionable data for businesses within the food and beverage industry. Unlike our competitors, we strive to be a true partner to the sector and want to provide a fair and balanced service that helps them identify how to improve their establishment and, in turn, the experience for the customer.

We help businesses:
• Foster loyalty and repeat customers
• Increase awareness through sponsorships
• Help create establishment evangelists through promotions
• Increase revenue


Cinco started two years ago at a lunch amongst friends at Oinkster in Hollywood (a great hamburger restaurant). We were all ex-coworkers and missed working with each. We started talking about ideas that we could work on together for our own product. After a ton of ideation and some great food, we left determined to start Cinco. Like any startup story, there were some bumps along the way and it took far longer to launch the app then we initially thought but today we are proud of the first version of the iOS app and the overall platform!


The five founders of Cinco are passionate about two things, technology and eating & drinking. As a team, we have built dozens of successful apps and websites for others but Cinco is OUR baby.

Why Needed

Ratings and reviews SUCK! Traditional ratings and review apps have a handful of problems.

1. Context & Relevancy - Reviews and ratings give users too many choices and in the end, they don't really know the person recommending or if that person is giving a truthful and fair account of their experience.

2. Trust The Source - You know what friends have better taste in sushi spots vs. pizza places.

3. Always Fresh, Never Stale - Our algorithm keeps the lists dynamic, up-to-date and relevant at all times.

4. Focused food and drink - Our platform is hyper focused on this sector. We don't want to be the destination to find a dentist or to pick your next plumber.