Indemand lets anyone create an ondemand business in minutes.

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Company Overview

Indemand is a plug and play platform for building your own on-demand store or service. It allows anyone to set up their own on-demand store in a matter of minutes, without the need for any technical expertise. Think Shopify for the on-demand economy.


Having consulted and built ondemand tech solutions and tested logistics options for a few companies, including both startups and enterprises; we realised there was no quick and easy solution that provided a complete end-to-end package for delivering/servicing customers ondemand. Combine that with having discussions with small businesses and learning they dislike Postmates and others because they prevent control over their brand and access to customer data - we realised there needed to be a way to solve the problem. We also saw we could tap into the many logistics provider and not have to source providers or drivers ourselves.

Indemand is built on the idea of an entirely ondemand future. Being able to order any product or request any service when you need it or want it.


Alex Saidani - Founder & CEO
Originally from Nottingham, England an entrepreneur and self taught developer since the age of 13. Alex has helped change the world by giving communities in Africa access to clean water with GiveMeTap a YCombinator company, founded Hashtrack a social media analytics company chosen to represent Britain as one of the top innovators and is now disrupting the ondemand economy with Indemand, a 500 Startups company. All before the age of 22.

Ann Chan - Co-Founder & CPO
Previously the lead designer of the Internet Politician Database for, which was used in the 2015 general election campaign of Pedro Sánchez, the leader of PSOE party in Spain. Previously fundraised and lead the first student-run startup investment fund in UK during the role as president of UCL Entrepreneurs. Also managed product at Rentlord and Preceptiv Analytics with 5 years of design experience. UX consultant at Dotforge Accelerator and president of the UCL Entrepreneurs Society.

Ipalibo Whyte - Co-Founder & CTO
Computer science graduate with 5 years of iOS and web development experience, previously co-founder of DISE and founder of Keey app. Was selected by Apple, as one of the best young iOS developers and then invited to attend WWDC 2015, under their scholarship program.

Why Needed

We're empowering small business owners to compete in the ondemand economy. We're also helping startup founders to quickly and easily get to market with their ondemand business ideas without any technical experience or huge upfront costs.

Without Indemand getting up and running would take months, thousands of dollars and a technical background. We're removing the barrier to entry for these small businesses and startups.

We're also helping increase the number of jobs available for contractor/gig workers, we'll eventually build up a massive network of not only delivery drivers but service providers including: cleaners, repairmen and other trades - enabling more opportunities for all.