JustAskUsers is developing a website to help user experience experts in product-creating companies recruit interview partners who give them feedback about the usability of the product. The website makes the recruiting process fast and affordable with automated backend software that reaches out to possible interview partners via social media and other networks.

Just Ask Users is an online service that enables startups, user experience researchers and marketers to find participants for user interviews, globally. Startups use it for customer development and validation of product ideas whereas UX researchers and marketers find people to study user behavior.

How it works: You define the demographics of the people you are looking for, together with custom screening questions that new candidates must answer. The robot will go out on the Net to find the persons for you. You will get a message with a list of persons found who match demographics and screening criteria. If you decide to accept a person, you pay a flat recruiting fee and an interview appointment will be made that fits your calendar, automatically.

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