Kimedics is a scheduling platform that enables healthcare organizations to collaborate with all of their providers, contractors, and staffing agencies in one place to both send short term assignments and schedule efficiently. With the growing physician shortage more and more organizations are building internal traveling pools and working with locum staffing agencies to cover their schedules (94% of facilities are using locums as of 2017). Adding temporary providers increases the complexity of schedule building, approval processes and cost management (temp providers range from 10%-300% more expensive than perm). Our platform gives organizations the tools to work efficiently and manage effectively.

How it works: providers via the mobile app can give organizations they work with access to their profile which includes their scheduling availability and key credential information. Once an organization has access to the provider they can share job posts with them, submit them for privileging, assign shifts, send open shifts for them to claim as well as time tracking submission. From the organization perspective, they can also invite staffing agency partners to job post and receive provider submission via these agencies. All providers whether, perm, contractor, agency submitted will all be tracked and both providers and agencies are kept up to date in real time on open shifts, pending privileging forms and approvals.

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