LabRecruit is the world’s first recruitment company that has built its own big data analytics engine to analyze in real time which are the best engineers for you. By pulling in key data from GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter, we’re able to analyze signals such as new tech they’re trying out in personal projects, recent answers on StackOverflow and what Meetups they love.

Why is this important? Well, traditional methods of sourcing candidates such as LinkedIn only show you the data once someone has decided to update their profile. This could be years after a person has started working with a technology and all that time you could be missing out on the ideal person. We’re able to bypass this and go straight to what the developer is actively doing, making decisions based on real tangible data.

When combined with current employment details, we’re then able to quickly predict which roles a developer is going to love most, as well as quickly fine-tune who would be a great match for you!

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