Expressive Twitter-like reviews and ratings of movies, tv-shows, books, games and more.

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Company Overview

Moodist is a social review site which focuses on expressive, short and concise reviews that can easily be shared and followed.

Expressive reviews enable users to link ratings and positive/negative feelings to content details such as actors and crew using hashtags.
Moreover expressive ratings enables users to link feeling to rating e.g. rating a movie with 8 and a scary feeling.

Easily find movies to watch or review based on aggregated ratings from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.


Our main motivation is to make reviews/ratings more expressive, fun and engaging. Moodist is a Twitter-like platform for user reviews/ratings that can easily be shared and followed for different categories, all in one place. Using the Mood Lingo, users can link rating or feelings/moods to content details directly within reviews - making it simple and engaging to provide structured feedback on a deeper and more expressive level.

For consumers, Moodist is a place where you can keep track of your friends reviews/ratings, follow popular Moodists or simply search or discover new content e.g. movies, books or games., Moodist is your new expressive and fun way to do that.

For businessess, Moodist gives the opportunity to engage and interact with key influencers and make it easier for consumers and companies to provide structured feedback. Moodist introduces a new venue to manage reviews for products and services (the business interface is still work in progress).


There are two founders at Moodist. We joined forces to design and build Moodist as a scalable platform using the latest cloud based technology. The idea has shaped alot since then and yes we have pivoted couple of times.

Halldór Fjalldal has work experience across several sectors, including medical devices, education and banking. Halldor holds a M.Sc. degree in Media and Knowledge Engineering from Delft University of Technology and is passionate about enriching people's lives through easy-to-use software.

Kjartan Valur Þórðarson has been active in the startup space and recently sold his own startup company in the legal sector. Kjartan holds a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Reykjavik University and is passionate about building highly scalabe cloud based solutions.

Why Needed

There are many review sites available for different categories but there does not exists one unified review/rating platform that you can use to add all your reviews and ratings across different categories in a social, more expressive and structured way.

Moodist is the answer to a more social Twitter-like way to write and share reviews/ratings. At the same time allowing businesses to monitor and track positive/negative reviews and ratings of their products and to reach out to key influencers.