PAPS is a fast and large-scale photo processing app lets you bulk work at once with smart tools. An app structurally provides the infinite-purpose tools for Photos, with only a single app.

We believe it will be an entirely new structure for dealing with Photos on the mobile OS.

And of course, many “features” are fun and productive AI, AR or other various imaging technologies for all people of every class including late adopters in tech.

So seriously, we named it "Apps for Photos,” and finally the name is “Photo Apps.” (PAPS).

We expect to make different dimensions in the field of Photo/Video market category. Also, we already have a substantive plan to present our primary purpose of this project for each growth phase.

Now all the people stores their every moment on the mobile phone. So we are mainly focusing on the new demand from all of the stored images, its consumption pattern on everyday life and its possibilities. In that point of view and environment, photos are already and will be the most meaningful data on the connected devices than ever.