Vista Rooms builds on a rare blend of innovation and technology, infused by the like minded entrepreneurs , who possess a unique mix of creative intuition and management skills from their diverse backgrounds in IT, Recruitment, Education and Hospitality. Saturated with their daily job routines and with a quest of doing something passionate in the hospitality space, the trio team united around a mission: to change the stay experience of travellers while they are away from home.

Challenging the dogmas of the industry, they created Vista Rooms: a network of standardised branded accommodations across India with sheer focus on quality, affordability and customer experience. Putting together the highly specialized skills within travel and technology, Vista Rooms provides travellers with an un-manipulated bouquet of handpicked hotels, creates an awesome customer experience around it and offers a classic service.

The vision is to create an adorable and affordable brand ‰ÛÒ not merely a functionality and a process like most competitors, but a bold and beautiful ecosystem for hotels by giving them a brand association and better visibility and customers to offer them a comfortable stay along with predefined standards and amenities‰Û_ More importantly developing trust among users.

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