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Company Overview

Wardaya College provides math and science online learning resources in the Indonesian language. Our vision is to help improve the quality of math and science education in Indonesia by increasing availability of high quality e-learning materials in Bahasa Indonesia which can be accessed by Indonesian students anytime from anywhere. Our materials are based on the Indonesian National Curriculum and consist of thousands of videos and interactive quizzes. Visit us today and start learning for free!


The story of Wardaya College began with a casual talk between two long-time friends Anton Wardaya and Gunawan Tjandra in mid-2012. Both founders had already had a full time job at the time, but they also had a burning desire to impact the education sector in Indonesia. Anton was a math teacher to Olympiad students. Gunawan was a project manager in a multinational company. Both knew nothing about web development and how to create web contents.

For the next two years, they persevered and sought help from many avenues. In celebration of Indonesia’s Independence Day, Wardaya College began its private beta testing on 17 August 2014. Wardaya College was launched on 28 October 2014 to coincide with Indonesia’s Youth Pledge Day. The launch of Wardaya College was a story of perseverance and commitment to a vision. From then on, our story is your story too. We hope that as you grow and learn with us, together we become partners in your learning journeys.


Anton Wardaya (Co-Founder)

Anton Wardaya is a reputable math teacher who has trained many students for the International Math Olympiad. He obtained his Master of Science in Mathematics from Bandung Technological Institute, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Parahyangan Catholic University, and Bachelor of Science in Food Technology from Padjajaran University.

Anton manages curriculum and learning contents of Wardaya College.

Gunawan Tjandra (Co-Founder)

Gunawan Tjandra is a project manager in a multinational company. He obtained his Master of Science in Industrial and System Engineering from National University of Singapore, and Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Engineering from Parahyangan Catholic University.

Gunawan manages all strategic and operational aspects of Wardaya College.

Why Needed

Online learning is still in its infancy in Indonesia. Indonesia is the world's fourth-most-populous country, with an estimated total population of over 252 million people inhabiting an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands. Since internet was first launched in the country in 1998, the number of internet subscribers has grown considerably. Internet penetration, however, is still reported at below 30% of the total population in 2014. As English is not a native language, it is hard for the majority of Indonesians to utilize online resources that are offered in English, while there is a lack of high quality learning materials available in Bahasa Indonesia.

E-learning is increasingly recognized as a platform to improve learning process and knowledge transfer in a country with a large population, limited resources and remote geographical areas like Indonesia. Wardaya College aims to be the frontrunner in the e-learning industry in Indonesia. We believe that our passion to make a difference and our commitment to high quality learning will be the backbone of our success.